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Le Goût

Dehydrated as you've never tasted it

Forget what you know about dehydrated ingredients and discover the unique know-how of Dry4Good.


A naturally concentrated taste, a particularly natural texture: let yourself be seduced by the unparalleled quality of our vegan powders.


Tasted on their own, incorporated into a recipe or even as a toping, our ingredients will give you "the true taste of good things".

Le Marquant
Marquant alimentaire.jpg

Food and aromatic marking

In slivers or powder: by maintaining their colors and their general appearance, our ingredients perfectly fulfill the function of food marking.


Upon rehydration, our products resume the texture and taste of the original ingredient, adding to the function of visual marking, that of aromatic marking.

Le Fonctionnel

Natural "super-ingredients"

From local agriculture, our products are harvested and prepared at the best stage of maturity guaranteeing optimal nutritional interest.


The technology used, preserving a maximum of nutritional values, offers a natural concentration of the benefits of processed foods.


Whether it is for the preparation of food supplements or the production of nutritive recipes, our technology is particularly illustrated for "super-food" products.

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