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A taste of Nature


Thanks to an innovative technology, Dry4Good dehydrates food while preserving its nutritional values ​​and organoleptic qualities as much as possible, offering unparalleled quality of finished products.

Our offer aims at food professionals, willing to add naturalness of ingredients at the core of their manufacturing processes.

The 4 Goods: our commitment



  • 90% of nutritional values ​​are preserved

  • Concentration of natural benefits

  • 0 additions (no sugar, no salt, no preservatives, etc.)


  • Local and seasonal supply

  • Promotion of independent producers and the sector

  • Natural flavors & texture, with unrivaled qualities


  • Helps reduce food waste

  • Eco-efficient process limiting the carbon footprint

  • An integrated Clean Label approach


  • Develop a local and circular economy

  • Participates in the reindustrialisation of France

  • Reduction of the list of ultra-processed ingredients

Les 4 Goods
Notre Offre
La Filière

An organization by sector


Raw materials from Ile-de-France agriculture, cultivated with care by our partner producers, respecting the industry, ensure the quality, consistency and availability of fresh products.

These products are harvested at maturity, during the season, and dehydrated as close as possible to the field.

The fight against food waste leads us to treat downgraded, out-of-grade and unsold products as much as possible at the end of the season, in order to enhance them sustainably.

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